Clinical Delivery

ECS - Clinical Delivery division provides quick responsive delivery for the medical industry Statewide and Nationwide. With our knowlegge and expertise in logistics, we can move your urgent medical package quicker anywhere and at anytime. With a team of trained seasoned professionals that care about you and your delivery, you are in trusted hands.

Next Flight Out (NFO)

We can ship your package same day service statewide, nationwide and coast to coast we get it delivered to your desired destination quickly and safely. With our next flight out service (NFO), our regular account holders can experience the quickest and best service available in the industry. There is no better way to ship your time sensitive medical package across state lines. All deliveries are treated with our direct door-to-door service and tracking. You will always be alerted as to pickup time and delivery time of your important medical package.

TSA Certified and Compliant company


Service Locations:

Statewide and Nationwide Services in all 50 States in North America

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