Clinical Delivery - Portland

ECS - Clinical Delivery provides complete service in Portland, Oregon and all surrounding areas. With service expanding Statewide and Nationwide, we have all your medical delivery needs covered. With service to major Hospitals, Medical Laboratories, and Medical Offices. We deliver everything medical related including:



Surgical Equipment

Medical Equipment

STAT Service

With dedicated STAT delivery service for all clinical delivery needs, there is no quicker way to get it done now.


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To setup an account or schedule a pick-up contact us today at 800-282-1327


With our knowledge and expertise in logistics, we can move your urgent medical package quicker anywhere and at anytime. With a team of trained seasoned professionals that care about you and your delivery, you are in trusted hands.


TSA Certified and Compliant company




Service Locations:

Statewide and Nationwide Services in all 50 States in North America

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